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Elefante Reserve Whole Bean Coffee

Rare Maragogype beans, mega-beans, from our award-winning farm. A creamy, complex, and distinguished coffee worth the effort.
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Article number: Nicaragua

Away from the source, this coffee is hard to find in high-grade, pure form. Arabica Maragogype is the largest Arabica coffee plant in the world & produces the largest fruits. Hence its name. We fell in love with this big bean during our first year living in Nicaragua. Its allure, unique taste, and history. We found a farm, finalist in the Cup of Excellence competition, growing this Arabica bean exclusively, which became our Elefante Reserve. 

  • Extremely rare coffee, known for its creaminess 
  • Pure specialty-grade, small lot 
  • Limited Annual Release, depending on the year's production 
  • Cup of Excellence Farm in Dipilto: one region, one farm, one varietal, one curing style 
  • “Cloud forest” mountain grown, keeping tradition alive 
  • Roasted to Classic Medium
  • We hand stamp each bag with original art as our gift to you  
  • 100% USDA Certified Organic Production & Hand Roasting 

Did you know? Being able to drink the highest quality single Arabica coffee "variety" from a single mountain farm is a recent, unique concept. The opportunity can be paralleled to drinking a one varietal Reserve wine from one winemaker in one region of one country. Historically, coffee has been sold in large 'lots' to exporters and coffee farmers has little control over their coffees after that. We have been able to create access to coffees such as the Elefante by seeking old growth plants and providing premiums for selecting out single varieties. Part of the Maragogype mystique is that, while loved, farmers haven't been able to pamper this giant tree because it is persnickety and generally yields less than other Arabica varieties. Through consistent work, we get to change that and make it available to you. 


Twin Engines is a fair-trade company that makes where it grows. They employ and work with farmers, artists, artisans, tasters, printers, retailers, packers and other suppliers in our community. This means the impact your purchases is felt across Nicaragua.

Along with delicious coffees, gorgeous views, and proud culture, Nicaragua has one of the highest poverty rates in the world and is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere". More than one-half of Nicaragua's annual coffee production is brewed in the United States and Canada.

When you buy Twin Engine Coffee, 80 cents on the dollar stays in the coffee community, compared to about 20 cents for fair trade coffees roasted in the U.S.

Learn more about Twin Engines here.


At Global Gifts, we work with vendors and artisans who are fair trade verified to bring you items that are ethically and sustainably made. Fair trade gifts are handmade by artisans around the world and they all have special stories. You might notice slight variations in this product from the product photo.

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